Charouse is a beautiful city dating back to the Numan Empire over 1,000 years ago. The city has expanded over time past its original walls and has a newer, outer ring of walls and gates. The main thoroughfares feature fountains, statues, and parks between ancient Numan structures, as well as newer constructions no less spectacular to the eye.

Dominating the eastern side of the city is the massive Chateau du Soliel, the newer domain of L’Empereur, with hundreds of rooms and several pools and gardens. The Old Palace, now serving as L’Empereur’s art museum, can be found nearby, as well as the Royal Opera House, Royal Musketeers Academy, and several government buildings and cathedrals. The elite Lightning Guard protects the Chateau du Soliel, and the Royal Musketeers defend the Old Palace and streets of the wealthier districts.

One of the largest markets in Theah is located in Charouse, as well as a tapestry factory that manufactures tapestries fit for L’Empereur himself.

What is not as obvious are the throngs of poverty-stricken, overworked lower class, which are conveniently tucked out of sight of the primary boulevards. As one wanders away from the main attractions of Charouse, the rumblings of discontent and desperation of a lower class finding it increasingly harder to survive can be witnessed.

Of note, Charouse was built atop an ancient Numan city whose underground streets are now used as sewers for the city. Rumors of ancient monsters and lost treasures in these dark catacombs abound. There are also rumors of underground tunnels connecting Vatacine chapels to the abandoned Cathedral.

Most foreign ambassadors reside in the city of Paix to the south, as L’Empereur located his primary embassy there to avoid having to deal with tiresome foreign polices.



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